ACADEMIC RECORD RELEASE: I hereby authorize the Office of the Dean of Students at The University of Texas at Austin to determine my eligibility for certain qualifications (new membership process, awards, recognitions, initiation, officer elections, voting privileges, etc.). This information will be released to the chapter president, advisor, national representative and other authorized entities upon request. Unless I personally revoke this agreement in writing, I understand that it will be binding during my entire undergraduate affiliation.

Further, I understand that the Grade Point Average (GPA) listed on my file with The University of Texas at Austin will be the OFFICIAL GPA used by the chapters. Although the Interfraternity Council does not require a specific grade point average to participate in recruitment, each fraternity chapter does have a minimum grade requirement for pledging and initiation. Therefore, it is recommended that you have at or above a 3.0 high school cumulative grade point average.

INFORMATION DISCLOSURE: By clicking "save/submit" below, I understand that I am giving my electronic signature and agree to the terms listed above and allow my registration information to be made available to The Interfraternity Council member chapters at The University of Texas at Austin as part of the recruitment process.

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