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What is ChapterBuilder?

The #1 reason people join is because of a relationship they have with your members. So we've made year-round relationships the focus of ChapterBuilder. Recruitment just got easier, friendlier, and a whole lot smarter. No more spreadsheets. ChapterBuilder brings potential new members to you, alerts you when it's time to follow up, gets all your members and advisors involved, keeps recruitment organized, and even provides real-time analytics to make your recruitment process smarter than ever!

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Grow relationships with more of your potentials.

Chapterbuilder, combined with the direction of recruitment leadership, provides a clearer picture of what to look for in quality members and how we should be recruiting them.

Ty Morrow, Delta Sigma Phi Undergraduate Recruitment Leader

We recruited 170 new members, which was total for our extension at Washington State. My favorite ChapterBuilder feature was the statuses - they kept the entire progress organized and if a PNM was inactive for too long, we were alerted to stay in touch.

Alexis Karwoski, Pi Beta Phi Leadership Development Consultant

We’ve appreciated how much easier, cleaner, and more professional ChapterBuilder makes our expansion process. We’re getting numbers higher than last year’s averages.

Erik Silvola, Lambda Chi Alpha Expansion Manager

Get the edge over a spreadsheet.

Leads Generator
We'll help populate your list with qualified potential new members.
Performance Tracking
Interactive dashboard gives you personalized data that's never been available until now.
Automated Alerts
CB is recruiting, even when you're not. You'll receive alerts from CB when it's time to follow up with PNM's.
Virtual Coach
CB will analyze your recruitment activity and inform your leadership team so you're always performing at your highest level.
CB gets everyone in the chapter involved in recruitment.
Mobile Ready
Recruitment happens on the go. CB is mobile friendly.
Design matters. Besides, you deserve something more attractive than a spreadsheet.
CB was designed by recruitment experts using the most current, proven methods from top performing fraternities and sororities across the world.

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